Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terrific Tuesday?

Riiiight. :) I'm going to try at least.

Last nights dinner was delicious! I am starting to enjoy salad's much more than I did before. I'm doing well with my 5 servings of fruits and veggies. :)

Chicken, a little pepperjack light cheese, carrots, cucumbers, Annie's lite dressing and then brocolli slaw and romaine lettuce. I also added a side of grapes for the occassion! ;)


I just got back a 2.1 mile run. I am also trying a class at 24 Hour Fitness tonight with my bestie called F.I.R.E. It stands for Fitness, Intervals, Resistance and Endurance.

"Use your own body weight to tone, sculpt and strengthen. The only thing you'll need for this fitness challenge are your barefeet, hands and endurance. Drills, Climbing techniques, cardiovascular & muscular stamina exercises.Train like an althelete in order to get your mind and body ready for life."

I will let everyone know how it is! I like trying new classes to mix up my cardio and weight training. I used to despise step classes but now I LOVE my Wednesday & Saturday morning Step & Sculpt class. I am going to attempt to like spinning but, I never seem to really enjoy stationary cycling. I would love to bike ride outside but, inside I don't get a thrill from it.

Anyways, I am just doing laundry now and waiting for the sun to hit my patio so I can get some sun on my arms.

Oh and I am obsessed with the song "Something Beautiful" by Needtobreathe. Check it out!

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