Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spaghetti Squash and other deliciousness...

Oh my, half way through the week eh? Well for some of us.

I have to say this face makes it VERY hard to leave in the morning. :(

Oskar boy is very sad before I have to kennel him. Sorry boy!

He usually is okay though being alone for the work day but, I love to shower him with love before I leave. Although they say not to do that.

Tuesday ended up being a good day off. I made a delicious wrap for lunch, and for the most part enjoyed the F.I.R.E class. Although it was almost a replica of my Wednesday 24 Hour Step class. I am soooo damn sore today! It feels good though!

Whole wheat tortilla with melted pepperjack cheese, chicken, lettuce, cucumbers, salsa and Tapatio. Was amazing!

Added some left over sweet 'tatos and fruit. Delicious lunch!

Hey guess why my best friend is better than youuuurssss :)

She brings me yummy treats!!!!

Cliff kid bars, which are amazing! I ate one today - Honey graham, and it was a sweet treat for my sweet tooth this afternoon.

MUSCLE MILK! I haven't tried it yet but, I will tomorrow for sure.
So after work and my gym class I decided it'd be a good idea to make this little joy nugget. Spaghetti squash! Oh, how easy it was! After baking at 375 degrees F for 40-45 minutes it came out absolutley perfect and easily went into "spaghetti".

Ready for bakin'

Pullin' all my spaghetti strands out...

KC, the food hound kept hoping I would drop some. I managed to do pretty well though!

It made TONS. I was surprised at how many "strands" I was able to pull out.

A delicious dinner made! I piled brocolli and marinara sauce with some parmasean cheese on top of my spaghetti squash. It defnitley had the same consistency of spaghetti and I thought it was absolutley amazing and delicious. I see this delicious meal in my future soon. I had some salad and a piece of bread on the side. I couldn't stop myself free eating all the avacados out of the salad. :) I might have had some fruit too that I ommitted from the picture...oops ;).
Offically I am burnt out. I feel like I have almost reached my breaking point. My attempts are to finish my political science assignment tonight and get some sleep. I am mentally exhausted. So much has happened this year, and this summer that I would LOVE to pack my bags up right now and just hit the road. Unfortunatley, I have priorities and am broke. My muscles are fatigued from my workouts this week but, in the end it is always worth it to lose weight, and be healthy.
The plan tomorrow is to meet Irene at the gym at 5:15 for an hour workout before work. While I don't need to be at work nearly as early as her, it'll motivate me to get my big butt up if I know someone is waiting for me. I am going to attempt to be in bed by 9:45 tonight, and lights off at 10:15 at the latest. I need to get some sleep in to be prepared for tomorrow. I know it'll be worth it not to have to work out right when I get off of work. I am usually just sooooo tired that I can't even imagine working out.
Well, Wednesday is just about gone. Thursday SHOULD be good...

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  1. Hey girl! Glad you liked the treats. We have been kicking ass this week, lets keep it up. ♥