Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad day.

Well, I think I either gained weight, my scale is broken, or I stayed the same. My scale is one of those old ones where you can adjust the dial. It goes up and down, so I need to buy a new scale. Regardless I am just disappointed. I did well today eating except dinner. I ate waaaayyy to much at dinner, and I had birthday cake. I need to get it back on track tomorrow. I know I can, and I know it's better to go off of how you feel as opposed to what the scale says but, I'm just been mad all day. Do I need to eat more? Do I need to eat less? Next week I am skipping out dessert every night but, Saturday. No more eating after 8 PM either! I really want to do this, I know I can. I worked my ass off last week! It's also a possibility I am dehydrated or I gained muscle weight. I don't know. Next Saturday when I weigh myself my scale better give me some results.


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